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David Koh is obsessed with Chef Thomas Keller, has a crush on Giada De Laurentiis (sorry Todd,) prefers French over Italian food, loves crustaceans and raw fish, thinks wagyu beef is overrated and Berkshire pork sublime. He cooks for the exhilaration of correctly replicating a recipe and the pleasure of creating new dishes.

He doesn’t consider himself a food snob as he frequently craves fast food, but that being said, has bought three four books on knife skills.

He is not a chef.

When not in the kitchen or a dining room, David loves to snowboard and fantasize about how the fish he encounters while scuba diving will taste like.

He cannot resist ice cream, particularly gelato and is secretly addicted to strawberry milk (shhhhh.)

Read about the event that started it all: Here.

Email him at: editor(dot)salt(at)gmail(dot)com

15 responses to “About

  1. the food’s presentation is amazing…it’s a SIN eating such divine presentations!

  2. Irene: And it tasted as good as it looked!

  3. I just stumbled across your site when I googled Peter Luger…hope to read/see more from you!

  4. Joann: Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to me.

  5. Just a beautiful blog, this comes for a published food writer in San Francisco.

    keep posting,

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Ray!

  7. Your knowledge and experience with good food humbles my taste buds.

    Definitely worth the extra 2.5kg. Live to eat, not eat to live.

    Catch ya around spin soon!

  8. Hey Alex!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    It was actually 3.5 kg! Had two culinary trips to Malaysia almost back to back. Haha but it was worth it.

    Only problem is that my clothes are a little too “snug” now. Oy vey…

  9. Is your blog on food? Sorry, was homesick and googling for photos of “Home”. Then came across your blog but am too tired to go through it completely as I just got back from school hours ago.. where are you situated?

  10. Hi, yes it is. I have a couple of posts about Brunei because my parents are there.

    I’m in Singapore.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. Came across your blog while surfing other food blogs. Totally love it man! Will be adding your blog to my blogroll :D

  12. Thanks Jing Wen! Just checked out your blog too. Nice!

  13. Hey Mr Koh! Totally enjoyed your talk. Awesome sauce<3
    I don't know why the first batch didn't feel it so much.

    Anyway… I like the "cheaper" part of your blog: eg. Ippudo Ramen, etc. I have yet to win competition money for fine dining. But! I definitely would try 6-8 course meals one day. :D (then will bother you for restaurant info. lol)

    Maybe you should drop by the Philippines one day and try our cuisine there. Nahaha.

    All the best, yeah? Blog more. :D

  14. Hi Camille thanks for stopping by! Yes I’ve been to the Philippines and I love the food. Any Filipino restaurants to recommend here? I’ve been to Bonifacio.

    Looked at your blog yesterday. (But couldn’t figure out how to comment on tumblr. I’m not tech savvy like that.) Great photography, I think you should be the one giving advice. Very good, from-the-heart writing too.

    Yes I will be blogging more hahaha!

  15. LOL. I’m not sure if non-tumblr users can comment :/ *not too sure*

    I haven’t really been to Filipino restaurants in Singapore. I don’t think I should eat Filipino food in SG, and SG food in the Philippines. Hahaha. But I there’s one called 7107 somewhere in suntec area. Marina square, i think? A few friends of mine ate there, but not too sure how it was… :/

    Maybe that’s because my old CCA was photog, and I like to use photoshop. Hahaha. :)) Thanks thanks<3

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