Restaurant Trends I’d Rather Not See: Sleeveless Chefs

Chef  Ryu Takashi Inoue. Picture by Piotr Redlinski for The NYT.

I love Wednesday’s because that’s when The New York Times publishes its dining section. I read it religiously. It’s one of the few tethers to a past life. And last Wednesday while reading Sam Sifton’s review of Takashi, a restaurant that speaks to my heart about all things beef and offal, grilled and raw. I noticed that the chef, Takashi Inoue, was sleeveless.

Chef Alvin Leung of Hong Kong’s Bo Innovation also goes sans sleeves.

That’s a very bold (fashion) statement in the kitchen where there are very strict rules about hair and how it should always be covered up. Yes hair. The chef is sleeveless remember.

When I spent a day in the kitchen of St Pierre, I had to wear skullcap, which just looked ridic. But everyone wore something to prevent their hair from falling into the food. So are chefs Inoue and Leung wearing hairnets for their armpits? I don’t think so. Maybe they are shaven, I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t want hair from there to fall into my food.

Lady: Could I get a side order of ha-DOU-ken please? Picture by Piotr Redlinski for The NYT.

Demon chef. No as in he really calls himself that. Must be something to do with the purple shades and hair.

“Don’t worry it’s cool, I’m wearing a hairnet for my armpit so I can safely stand over the food without worrying that hair would fall on the food.” Picture from Facebook.

Unrelated to this post except that it came from the Demon Chef and something I wouldn’t want to see as well. So real it’s not appetizing. Chef to snarky bloggers: “I just jizzed in your food. No for real.” Read more about it here.

4 responses to “Restaurant Trends I’d Rather Not See: Sleeveless Chefs

  1. They’d better go for armpit waxing or permanent hair removal at armpit areas.. this is so ewwww.

  2. Haha yeah I know right!

  3. Urghhhhh I hate that too! What are they trying to do, become more of a celebrity rather than a chef?

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