Turning Two!

Happy Birthday!

Its been two years since I started this blog to chronicle my departure from New York. It’s a story I tell though the meals I eat. Perhaps that is why I love food, because it’s not just about nourishment but of hope. To those reading: Thank you for stopping by.


25 responses to “Turning Two!

  1. Who’s turning 2? your son/daughter? :P or niece/nephew?

  2. This must be your birthday cake. Happy Bird Day & to your blog too!

    hehe where is this opera cake from? I’m mad about opera cakes.

  3. Happy birthday, Dave’s blog!! =) And happy birthday to you too, Dave! Love reading your posts.

  4. Bruneian gal: Yup the blog.

    Ice: Thanks for the birthday shout outs! The cake was provided by the restaurant. Don’t know where they got it from. But it was good. And a very kind gesture from the chef.

    Kaelyn: Thank you for both the birthday wishes. I love reading your blog too, it’s one of the few I still read. Congratulations on your new job. Now you can eat around the world! Yay!

  5. I must be your most loyal reader. I check your blog regularly to see whether you have new posting as I didn’t subscribe to the notification service.

    When I click on comments to read the comment, an advert pops up, was this insert by Google?

  6. Love you mom! Don’t know about the ads. I didn’t add them.

    Thanks Yixiao!

  7. Grats on blog turning two! :) Keep it up!

  8. Thanks Catherine! And congratulations too on wining Best Food Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards!

  9. hi dave’s mum, my mum’s my most loyal reader too!

  10. Hey Yixiao, I’ll be more careful when I write comments on your blog now that I know your mom will be reading! Haha. Does your mom comment on your blog too?

  11. noooo… HAHA

    and your mum’s hilarious!

  12. Haha thanks, I convey that to her.

  13. Hi Yixao,

    I am not kidding that I follow up on David’s blog closely. Thanks for your comments. Perhaps I should start a food bloggers’ mum blog, I am sure it will attract a following from the mums.


  14. I was introduced to your blog by your lovely mum. Your blog is one of my favorite now. Great postings on new creative ideas on food. Well done and do keep it up. Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary!!

  15. Happy birthday to you! What a coincidence, my blog’s birthday is next week.

  16. Hey David! Just wanted to drop by to let you know I truly enjoy reading your blog. I can’t claim to be the biggest foodie around, but great pictures, and I love the way you write. :)

  17. Hi Chuan! It really means a lot to me and a great encouragement when I get comments like that. Thank you.

    I’m amazed with your photos! They are fantastic, for real.

  18. Hi Dave,
    Realized you haven’t posted in awhile– it’s coming 2 months now. Time sure flies. Been busy? I am curious to know what sinful temptations you have succumbed to, lately. And also on your favorite hangouts.

    San (Xan Goh)

  19. Hi San!

    Haha yes I have. Currently on a military exercise. Been working on a long post, hopefully I’ll put it up in about a week’s time.

  20. 2 years, really, Dave? No wonder we miss you so much! Feliz Cumpleanos to your lovely blog. I hope you’ll keep writing and regaling us with your Epicurean charm ;)

  21. Thanks Aarti!

    I miss you guys too! That means a lot to me especially coming from such an elegant writer. Haha Yeah I haven’t updated in a while huh. Stay tuned!

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