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Yummy Honeys: Aishwarya Rai

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I was back in Asia at the Empire Resort in Brunei, relaxing in a luxurious hotel room overlooking the South China Sea when I first caught snippets of The Mistress of Spices on TV. I’m not going to lie, it’s a totally sappy movie, made and destined for TV. But it made me realize how I underutilize spices. I seldom use anything more exotic than salt and pepper.

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The movie also made me realize just how breathtakingly beautiful Indian women are. I’ve written about another Indian beauty, Padma, here. (She is coincidentally in this movie too.) But Aishwarya is one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. Add to the fact that there was some culinary element involved and it made the movie otherwise watchable and enjoyable. 

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Excerpts from the movie:

Yummy Honeys: Maggie Q

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A couple of years ago I watched a delightfully airy movie about food and love. Magic Kitchen is part Iron Chef and part almost cheesy romantic comedy, and was saved by the food and the exotically gorgeous and sensual Maggie Q (real name: Margaret Denise Quigley.) She plays May, a successful publicist (yay PR professionals!) who is a close friend of the main character, a chef played by Sammi Cheng. Maggie’s character is haughty, elegant and driven by her desires, combined with her beauty, makes her such a hottie in my book. (Imagine a better looking Samantha Jones.)

Watch her introduction in Magic Kitchen as she consumes a crab. (The first two minutes.)


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Maggie’s exotic beauty is the result of an mélange of French Canadian, Irish and Polish heritage from her father combined with the Vietnamese blood of her mother. She was born in Honolulu but got her start in Hong Kong were she modeled and acted. 

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Yummy Honeys: Padma Lakshmi

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I have a curse. I’ve never been able to catch the finale episodes of Top Chef. Now that I’m in Singapore, I can’t even watch Top Chef. They just finished season one a few months ago.  So come November 12, I won’t be able to get a culinary boner watching the cheftestants duke it out in my adopted hometown of New York on Bravo

Padma, ribs and a bed = my ultimate fantasy. Image from

Another reason why that sucks is that I’ll miss the exotic beauty of Indian born, but American raised Padma Lakshmi. There is nothing hotter than an intellectual, gorgeous woman who loves to eat and cook. You would think that Bravo added host/judge Padma, in season two, just for eye candy, but she has authored two cookbooks; Easy Exotic and the latest Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet. She definitely deserves to be up there on the judges’ panel with Chef Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons of Food & Wine Magazine, more so I think than Ted Allen (and he’s apparently not coming back for this season.) 

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The perfect girl? Well I kind of dig her languid way of speaking but she uses the word “palate” way too much, her hotness though, more than makes up for it. Luckily for us, Padma is now single, having left her husband, Salman Rushdie (yes that one,) who is 23 years her senior.

For those of you wondering, the prominent scar on her right arm was caused by a car accident when she was 14 years old. Scar or not, she’s still totally hot and The Importance of Salt’s November Yummy Honey.

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   She looks and speaks like some exotic queen. Image from

Padma white hot here:

Yummy Honeys: Sandra Lee

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Sandra Lee. I’m afraid I’ll lose all my foodie street cred if I do a post on her. A lot of foodies dislike her, intensely. But you know what? She’s hot! I mean if my wife looked like that at Sandra’s age, I’d come home for lunch everyday to get some lunch loving.

“Hey Dave, we have a client in today, can you take him to Le Bernardin and expense it.”

“Sorry, but you know the drill, I’m going home for lunch.” 

Image from Sandra Lee at the 11th Annual Race to Erase MS Hosted by Nancy Davis and Tommy Hilfiger 

Foodies bemoan the fact that her cooking show and books are causing a regression to the processed and unhealthy food of the ‘80s, and that with a little more effort you could be serving up tastier, healthier not so semi-homemade cooking. Cool whip? Cheese Whiz? Fuck that. I only eat clotted cream and a nice Fourme d’Ambert. But that strikes me as a little snotty. Sure we can be food snobs, but what about the 90% of us that don’t live the fabulous foodie life, that come home from work exhausted?

Image from People Magazine 

I remember visiting a close friend and her ordering pizza because, I suspect she was embarrassed about her mom’s cooking. But her mom works insane hours and I’m surprised she has the energy to even cook at all. The food was, I admit, bland. But she just didn’t know/have the energy to spiffify her steamed salmon. The consequence: A half eaten dinner, and the family gorging on junk food later. At least Sandra gives you ideas to cook quick semi-good food.  She gives people confidence to go into the kitchen. And once people realize that cooking isn’t all that difficult, their cooking will improve. Think of Sandra as Pot, she’s the gateway drug to cooking.

But you know whom I’m really envious of? Bryce. Man I wish I could have a hot, boozy, big-boobed aunt who cooks for me. I think you’d just want to hug her and bury your head in her beautiful and amble bosom-scape.

Check out excerpts of her show and why she’s a Yummy Honey:


Sandra talks about her rough childhood and how she had to take care and feed her four siblings while on welfare:


Yummy Honeys: Kelly Choi

One of my favorite food shows. Image from

Ok I’m going to admit it; I’m more attracted to Caucasian women than Asian women. However I was totally smitten by Kelly Choi, who hosts NYC TV’s Eat Out NY. Choi, a former ford model and Korean by decent is statuesque with strikingly gorgeous features. Wow. She loves food and is beautiful. Can she cook? Who cares! Ms. Choi if you are ever reading this, help me return to the U.S. by marrying me! I need a visa plus I’m totally in love with you. I can cook. 

Hot. Image from

She’s also incredibly smart and capable. She has a Master’s in journalism from Columbia. Plus she not only hosts Eat Out NY but she created the show in addition to writing, producing and directing it. Double wow. 

Kelly with Chef Daniel Boulud. Image from

The show is fantastic. It’s New York-centric, and offers a great look at the chefs that make NYC such an amazing dining out city. My only complaint is that she sometimes lapses into baby talk. It can get annoying but my shallow self is willing to look past it, as her hotness will cover a multitude of sins. If you live in New York City look out for it. You can get more information here about Eat Out NY.  I miss my weekly dose of Kelly and the City.

Here is an episode of her show:

Yummy Honeys: Maggie Gyllenhaal

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Ok I’ll admit that this one is kind of a stretch. But I recently watched Dark Knight and Maggie Gyllenhaal looked beautiful in it. (So there is the honey part.) I don’t normally think of her as sexy, but that all changed after watching her portrayal of an anarchist baker (and the yummy part) in the movie Stranger Than Fiction.  I never realized how pastry, civil disobedience, tats and slinky tank tops could be so alluring. I wish there were more bakers like her around. Screw the Atkins! I’m going for a muffin!

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Never have thrown dough and the words “get bent tax man” been so hot. Watch it here:

Another reason why her character is so hot in this movie:

Also a pseudo related food scene here. This is one of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie. Anyone dating a pâtissier? This is how to get into their pants:

Plus, as a bonus, a really cool song from Wreckless Eric:

So there you have it, Maggie Gyllenhaal, hottie baker,’s yummy honey of the month.

Yummy Honeys: Giada De Laurentiis

Solo picture for the Sobe Wine & Food Fest –

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It’s only natural that the other love of my life, Giada de Laurentiis kicks off’s Yummy Honeys section.

I’ve been crushing on Giada ever since freshmen year when I saw her cooking show “Everyday Italian.” She was captivatingly beautiful and would switch to an alluring Italian accent whenever she pronounced Italian words. Pancetta and spaghetti never sounded as sexy. I don’t know if its intentional, but there seems to be an undercurrent of eroticism to her shows, from the way she talks and holds her kitchen tools, to the way she puts food in her mouth. Or maybe Giada naturally exudes such raw sensuality.  Watching her show was instrumental in stimulating my interest for cooking.

Giada from her Jan. 2007 Town & Country magazine

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She was also instrumental in teaching me the basics of cooking. Unlike some of the other hosts on the Food Network, Giada can really cook. She trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris then worked in LA’s kitchens, most notably at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago. She then founded her own catering company. Her expertise translates into her show. She does a great job of explaining the various culinary terms and demonstrating basic technique. I actually credit Giada for teaching me how to cook. I was heartbroken when she lost the “Iron Chef” match with her and Bobby Flay against Mario Batali and Rachel Ray. I’ve always wondered why she wasn’t paired with Batali, who she is a friend with.

Black & White – Giada from her Jan. 2007 Town & Country magazine –

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When I was in college I heard she was doing a cooking demo and book signing at Turning Stone, a casino/resort on an Indian reservation about a 45-minute drive from Syracuse. Jenny (who has a girl crush on Giada) and I so wanted to go. But it would have cost $80 each way. We couldn’t afford it at that time. That day, I made meeting Giada one of my life goals.

South Beach Wine & Food Fest in FL — Giada’s demo. Image taken from

Almost two years later I get a call from Aarti, a friend of mine from Syracuse who knows how deep my Giada love runs. Her boyfriend (now fiancé and soon to be husband in August,) Raj was invited to an architect and designer’s event. Giada was the guest of honor. Aarti invited me to come along.

Baywatch! Image taken from

I don’t get star-stuck. I’ve seen a few movie stars while in New York and I could have hardly cared. But while waiting for Raj outside the building in midtown with Aarti, we spotted Giada walking up with her husband, Todd. Giada looked absolutely stunning. I was reduced to an incoherent mess. But I gathered up my wits to ask for an autograph for my Giada cookbook. Todd smoothly and politely stepped in, saying that they had to go in as they were almost late and to look for them inside. (Insert sad face here.)

“Giada in Paradise” promo shot from, having dinner with her husband, Todd.

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Once Raj came, we went in and headed for the canapés, which was excellent, and the free wine. After about 30 minutes, we spotted Giada. I don’t know if it was because of the wine or because I was just in her presence, but I felt very lightheaded. As we approached, Todd greeted us and said he was beginning to wonder if we were going to find them. He apologized for having to rush earlier when we me, but they had to be here by a certain time. Todd was certainly a nice guy. Giada was just lovely as well. She was very approachable and friendly, even towards a bubbly, excitable mess that I was that day. We chatted for a bit after she autographed my copy of her book, then Todd took pictures for us. We bumped into them a few more times before we left. I hope I wasn’t too annoying, gushing every time we met. It was a dream come true to meet her. I’m forever grateful to Aarti and Raj for giving me that wonderful opportunity.

Me, Giada,  Raj and Aarti. Todd took our picture.

Here is a really funny, and well made video about Giada on Youtube: