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Pimp My Plate: Stacking with Molds

Stacking with molds is an easy, eye-catching and elegant presentation technique. All you need is a mold and ingredients that have been diced to achieve the layered effect. I like to use ingredients that not only complement one other in terms of flavor but are also visually contrasting. I’ve used a simplified shrimp sandwich consisting of sliced bread, avocados, tomatoes, steamed shrimp and eggs whites with a touch of Old Bay seasoning for this example.

First set the base of the stack on the plate.


Then place the mold on top.


Layer with the next ingredient, making sure they are diced small enough to fill in all the gaps. Then using the back of a spoon, gently press down to pack.


Add the next ingredient and repeat the packing process.


If the mold isn’t tall enough, gently life the mold to create more space.


Repeat the layering process with all your ingredients.


Once finished, carefully slide the mold off.


Now you have transformed this simple shrimp sandwich…


Into this elegant beauty. Consider your plate pimped!

Pimp My Plate: An Introduction, Bringing Sexy Back

Pimping a crab salad

Looking at a plate of food is like meeting someone. First impressions count. I’m more receptive to a gorgeous looking dish as I am to a gorgeous looking woman. I’m also more forgiving to an attractive but maybe not so great tasting dish, as I am more tolerant of negative personality traits in an attractive lady. Shallow I know, but that’s how I roll.’s Pimp My Plate section is aimed at bringing sexy back on the plate, to visually seduce the diner. I’ll share techniques on how to plate strikingly appealing food.