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Did that box just say ass?


I was coming out of the gym on Monday and Cold Storage was having a sale on the ground floor of Novena. This box, out of the hundreds of items, caught my eye, and I wasn’t really even looking! Yes it reads ASSES. I initially wanted to just take a picture of it with my camera phone. But it was too funny to not try. So I bought it. They’re actually pretty decent. It’s buttery and crisp. I wish there was more chocolate, but nothing a smearing of nutella can’t solve. $5.50 from Cold Storage. Also available in vanilla white chocolate. It has to be chocolate with a name like that right?

I subsequently noticed the couque, how do you pronounce that?

Cock da asses?

It’s a crass post, but it’s good to change things up once in a while.

Like a bumhole they have chocolate in the middle. 

Weird Food: Baby Hammerhead Sharks

DSCN3921Three Hammerhead pups and another baby shark at Jerudong Market in Brunei.

I didn’t think wakeboarding was going to be so hard. All I needed to do was stand right? It’s not like there were skis to keep together. Well for more than an hour my brother and I just floated in the water while waiting for the boat to circle around and pick us up after another failed attempt. We were in a cove 15 minutes by boat from our launch site at Jerudong Market. As my brother climbed aboard so I could go float in the water again, I asked him if he thought that there were sharks in the murky water. It wouldn’t be a problem if I could stand up, but as soon as the boat got going, I would attempt to get up and just lose control and fall. Then I’d trash around to unfasten my feet from the board. Pretty appetizing for a shark huh? My brother just shrugged his shoulders.

A few days later my mom and I went to Jerudong Market to see what the fishermen were bringing in at the end of their day. I think we were a little late as they had offloaded all the fish and their long narrow boats were all tied up together.

We settled for walking around the market and I was surprised to see these hammerhead pups! The fishing boats are small, it’s only wide enough to sit one, they aren’t covered and are propelled by a single outboard motor. I doubt they have much range. These sharks were caught very close to shore, probably near where we were wakeboarding!

But as I looked at these baby sharks I felt pity that they died like this. I mean I don’t mind if someone caught a mature shark to eat. It would have had a chance to reproduce already and contribute to the shark population. But catching these babies just depletes the population at a much faster rate. I wonder if someone would even buy them. I wouldn’t know what part of the shark besides it’s fin would be edible or at least palatable. The sharks weren’t even iced and I read somewhere that shark meat spoils fast as they develop an ammonia like taste once they die.

I don’t like sharks when I dive, well ok I get really excited when I see them, but I’m not going to lie, if I saw a really big one I would be scared shitless. And I’m not going to be a hypocrite to say that I don’t eat shark’s fin, because I do and I find it delicious. But this just seems sad.


Weird Food: Sea Snails

dscn1196Sea Snails de-shelled

Usually at the end of my Boston trips, the Sricharoenchaikit family takes me for a Dim Sum lunch before I board the Chinatown Bus back to New York. I get to satisfy my cravings for Har Gow and Char Siew Bao. But it’s also one of the only times when I can indulge in blood cake/tofu (sadly no longer available in Singapore) and Sea Snails.

The sea snails, which are like briny escargot, are served with a black bean sauce. I snack on them; prying open its operculum (the solid flap at the opening of its shell) and digging out the gastropod while waiting for the Dim Sum cart to reappear.

I rarely eat them now, my attention drawn away by the abundant fascinating food found in Singapore. But whenever I see them, I’m brought back to those happy times eating Dim Sum in Boston with the Sri family.

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Weird Food: Ox Penis

Try putting that in your mouth… Not for me!

Back when I was in New York, I’d stop by Chinatown during the weekends on my way home after soccer at Monica’s amazing beginner’s league, and rugby in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I would wander around, looking for the best roast duck to take home for my roommates, searching for snacks that reminded me of my former home or food from Asia that I could introduce my friends to.

In my wanderings through the food filled alleys, I discovered a wide repertoire of ingredients that aren’t available at your local Whole Foods or bodega. One of this was Ox Penis. Yes that’s right. Ox PENIS.

The Bovine Jimmy looks very weird. I mean you could strangle someone with that. That thing in the package is one single, continuous piece. I have no idea how you would even cook it. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to eating, but I draw the line at putting some animals’ genitalia in my mouth.

Monica of Monica’s Amazing Soccer League left a comment on my Facebook picture of the cattle cock. She said:

“You’d think they would come up with some euphemism for this – like Ox Member, or Ox Parts, or Ox Rox…”

My vote is for Ox Rox.