Melancholy Monday? Sweeten it up!

Exquisite white russian macaron by Macarune. My favorite so far.

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday night, I picked up another variety pack from Danielle Chong’s Macarune. Coincidentally I received a box of ET Artisan Sweets’ macarons too from a friend. In addition to that my cousin brought some Krispy Kreme donuts from Jakarta. It all made for a very sweet Monday.

I invited a chef friend to try Danielle’s macarons (which I raved about in my previous macaron post) and cookies. He’s on the savory side, but makes really good desserts and macarons as well. He was pretty blown away with Danielle’s White Russian macaron, decadently rich fruit and nut chocolate cookie with its moist brownie like interior and the sophisticated flavor of the Earl Grey tea shortbread.

I started with the Tahitian vanilla bean and raspberry macaron at the pickup party and then the hibiscus and Persian rose tea macaron later that evening, well 1 a.m. Monday morning, when my friend came. The hibiscus-rose one was lovely with its delicate floral notes. But the White Russian macaron was superb. Danielle said it was a tribute to The Big Lebowski, where Jeff Bridges’ character drinks nine White Russians, cocktails made with vodka, kahlua and cream. The same flavors are in the macaron. Danielle uses Absolute vodka and Kahlua. Working with alcohol takes considerable skill. Too little and there isn’t a point to it, too much and it will be harsh. The amount here was perfectly calibrated. I could pleasantly taste it, but it wasn’t so harsh that I could feel it. She really nailed down the cocktail and transformed it into a macaron. It was exquisite and my current favorite. It might stay there for some time. It’s going to be a hard one to beat.

I tried all of ET Artisan Sweets’ macarons later that morning and they were excellent. Crisp shells with a moist, chewy interior but best of all, a generous filling of buttercream. Like I said it my previous macaron post, these are my favorite store bought macarons and again I ate them too fast to take any notes on individual flavors. But Danielle’s White Russian macaron is still the top. I loved them so much I went back again on Tuesday for more.

Assorted cookies, donuts and 25 macarons in 36 hours. That could almost beat my oyster binge.

From top left: Vanilla bean raspberry macaron, Tahitian vanilla bean and Californian freeze dried raspberries; White Russian macaron, hazelnuts, Kahlua, Absolut Vodka, Valrhona cocoa and Illy espresso powder; Hibiscus and Persian rose tea macaron, hibiscus flowers soaked in Persian rose tea. Macarune.

Clockwise from top left: Fruit and nut, Valrhona 64%/70%, Australian pecans, apricots, Californian walnuts and raisins; coconut crisps; TWG Earl Grey tea shortbread with freshly grated orange zest; Japanese matcha powder and Valrhona white chocolate shortbread; Hiding beneath the green tea sablés are double chocolate (Valrhona 55% & Valrhona cocoa) sablés with fleur de sel. Macarune.

Valrhona white chocolate to nibble on while at the pickup party. Macarune.

Macarons from ET Artisan Sweets.

I later ate them all up in one go. Loved it. ET Artisan Sweets.

Lots of buttercream. ET Artisan Sweets.

Pretty colors. ET Artisan Sweets.

I feel like pacman. ET Artisan Sweets.

Double flavored fillings. ET Artisan Sweets.

Krispy Kreme for the trifecta.

Went back for more on Tuesday! Macarune.

Hibiscus & Persian rose tea macarons. Macarune.


Contact Danielle Chong:

ET Artisan Sweets
32 Holland Grove Road
Singapore 278807
Tel: 6468 6700
HOURS Monday to Sunday, 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


29 responses to “Melancholy Monday? Sweeten it up!

  1. Where is that? :D singapore? i’ve just seen the colored waffles at 313 Somerset

  2. Hi! Sorry I just put up the contact information at the end of the post. Wasn’t there when you commented.

  3. Urgh you’ve just ignited an insane craving for macarons.

    Hah you’ve eaten one too many macarons to have perfected the half-macaron cut. I still can’t halve my macaron properly! They always turn out crumbly & ugly for photos.

  4. Hi Ice,

    Haha just use a sharp, heavy but relatively thin-bladed knife. A santoku or chef’s knife is good. Rest the tip of the knife on the cutting board and cut with the heel of your knife. Bring it down assertively and push it away from you in one motion.

    Should get clean cuts on your macarons now. Also helps to cut them when they are just out of the fridge and still relatively hard.

  5. I have always been amazed by a half macaron shot… The moment you have the first bite on a good one, aren’t you tempted to finish the entire piece? I can never resist such form of temptation…

    David, really amazed how you can stomach so much sweet stuff in a go, I thought the gym will make you feel guilty to take a second piece?

  6. Haha yeah I actually like sweet stuff a lot. Although it also helps that ET’s macarons aren’t overly sweet as well as some macarons can be.

    I think I put on some weight since that Monday…. hahaha

    But I never really feel guilty about good food, well not for long anyway.

  7. Haha yeah I paid for it with lots of gym time!

  8. Which gym do you go to? I either go to my school gym or the gym in my vicinity (sports complex). Thinking of signing up gym membership 3 mths=$26.++ but don’t know worth it or not, because am quite busy with my classes. Any recommendations? Don’t tell me jogging because I can’t take the heat, got migraine lohss.

  9. I go to California Fitness. Love the classes there, I do kickboxing and spinning (I really hate that term. it’s basically cycling on the spot with music. I don’t hear people refer to running on a treadmill as bouncing.)

    The classes force me to do cardio, which I need because of all my eating.

    Also like the locations that Cali Fitness has.

    Some of the management policies and decisions annoy me but on the whole pretty good.

  10. Are the classes there expensive?
    I think I have 20++ kg to lose. At the moment I look presentable, but if I wanna a change in my life and more friends, that’s what I need to do — Lose Weight!!

  11. Classes are free with membership. And membership is around $40 a month but you have to sign up for a year or two and pay up everything up front.

    Be wary of their sales people, they talk really fast and slick.

  12. Wow that’s expensive! Hardly affordable for full-time students at all. So much for hoping to make new friends. :(

  13. Sad face too. Actually when I came back to Singapore, I only knew a handful of people, mostly my army buddies. And since coming back to Singapore, I’ve put on so much weight, but I’ve made a lot of new friends. So I don’t think there is a correlation between weight and friends.

    Eat, live life and be grateful for the friends that you have. You’ll be fine.

  14. Well, I’ll be only here short-term, 2 years. Already got a steady bf and met some nice people from school, since last year. You just came back from studying in the UK?

  15. That’s great! Nope US.

  16. Cool.. Your parents must be rich!! XD Living in the US should have already molded you into a very INDEPENDENT person. U look very positive! What’s your degree in?

  17. Hello, sorry for the delayed reply, been busy. Majored in public relations.

  18. thanks for the shout out dave! JUST had time to catch up on blogs today after a long week of work post vacation. now it’s onto baking more macarons :)

  19. Hi Danielle. Ooo are you bringing any for drinks tonight? It’s a special occasion you know! ahaha See you and Chris later!

  20. Hiiiiiiii I was at your talk at NYJC this afternoon! Thanks so much for coming!! :D

    Looks like I’ll be following your blog for more sweet food recommendations haha :> The macarons look so good ;w;

  21. Hi Yui Wei!

    Thanks for dropping by! Really appreciate it. I had a lot of fun giving the talk, it’s a subject close to my heart.

    Were you in the first session or second session? Yup Danielle’s macarons are fantastic!

  22. The second! I enjoyed the talk thoroughly; it was really informative :)
    I was the one with the girl in the yellow hoodie asking about NY haha! >u<

  23. Yes I remember you! Definitely go if you have the chance. Parsons is a great school and the city is amazing. Do you know your school photographer? Wanted to get some pictures from her.

  24. I hope I’ll get the chance then!! I’ve always wanted to go to NY. As in New York. Not Nanyang.
    I don’t know her, but I tried looking for them on facebook and things but to no avail ): I did see them on display today at school though. They were on the art board…things.

  25. Haha yeah New York. Well I definitely encourage you to go. Going overseas is always a very mind opening experience. No worries about the photos. Thanks for looking though.

  26. Oh! Ohhh! Haha, so I finally loeokd at the recipe and realized what these actually are. I really like these! I haven’t had them often, but they’re tasty. :) I’m used to seeing coconut macaroons and those are what I associate the name with (they also appeared a few times in The Famous Five novels. Boy those kids ate often and well. I always snacked when I read those books), but I’ve also had versions more like the ones you’re making. I guess I just never knew what they were called.

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