Did that box just say ass?


I was coming out of the gym on Monday and Cold Storage was having a sale on the ground floor of Novena. This box, out of the hundreds of items, caught my eye, and I wasn’t really even looking! Yes it reads ASSES. I initially wanted to just take a picture of it with my camera phone. But it was too funny to not try. So I bought it. They’re actually pretty decent. It’s buttery and crisp. I wish there was more chocolate, but nothing a smearing of nutella can’t solve. $5.50 from Cold Storage. Also available in vanilla white chocolate. It has to be chocolate with a name like that right?

I subsequently noticed the couque, how do you pronounce that?

Cock da asses?

It’s a crass post, but it’s good to change things up once in a while.

Like a bumhole they have chocolate in the middle. 

14 responses to “Did that box just say ass?

  1. “Like an bumhole they have chocolate in the middle. ”

    eww sick dave!

    i got the white chocolate version, what do you think that resembles? HAHAHAHAH

  2. Erm hmm… shirako? Hahahaha

  3. Sick banter you two. Lol

  4. It just got worse on twitter!

  5. [insert whiny 5-yr-old voice] but he started it!

  6. Yeah it’s hard not to with a name like that. I wonder what they were thinking when they came up with it.

    Funny thing is that the more I eat it, the more I like it. It’s actually quite good. Like salad, I think it’s an acquired taste. I’m going to go out and get me some ass. I mean D’asses.

    Not a fan of the couque though.

    (I have officially used up all my crude humor for the rest of 2010.)

  7. hahaha. nice one. that totally crack’d me up. thats prob why it was on sale. whoever produced that must’ve been absolutely ignorant or absolutely taking the piss.

    shame on the japanese. and their cars. tsk tsk.

  8. Hey Alex

    “shame on the japanese… and their cars.”

    Haha yikes kick them while they’re down why don’t cha.

  9. *ohnoshedidntjustasythat* heh.

  10. Hahaha Alex

    I thought it was too funny!

    Called it a relatively early night so I can wake up for spin!

  11. just read your reply! i missed spin last sunday no? oopsies. long story. NO i didn’t sleep in (just in case you were thinking that.

    4am is a relatively early night? you make me feel like a grandmother.

  12. Yeah you did! Hope everything is ok.

    Haha no I knew you didn’t oversleep. If you did, all of us would be looking at each other wondering where the instructor was, like in college when a professor is late for a lecture, or like that time you were almost late. Haha. Valerie was there. She’s a funny one.

    Been feeling “old” myself, missed two days of spin this week because I had two dinners. Double, double whammy. Wish my foot were better so I could start running again.

    Reason #1 for missing spin: http://twitpic.com/129d9y

    Reason #2: http://twitpic.com/129emk

  13. I admit I’m a little late on this, but ….. have you found out how to pronounce Couque? Favourite word of James May (Top Gear)? **** a doodle doo?

    I was tempted to buy it after my buffet dinner, but it was closed. Guess I will have to wait a while for some of them asses.

    Japanese + Brown Stuff + Asses = Couques = Must try.

  14. I don’t remember gnwiorg up with the term Black Friday either. It was always just the day after Thanksgiving a quiet time to spend with family and friends, celebrate birthdays (at least in my family), and prepare for the busy holiday season to come. As I understand it, retailers labeled the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday because it was the first day of the year when their revenues were positive rather than negative.It seems like the retailers have taken over the meaning of Thanksgiving: they gloss over it with door buster sales and super early shopping times so customers can get the best deals. What happened to celebrating Thanksgiving and gratitude before moving right along to Christmas (or other December holidays)? Yesterday, my family certainly gave thanks for all we have!

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