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Monday food porn. A taste of Noma (desserts) in Singapore.

Bitters Dessert… Winter Version. Whey discs, bitters syrup, milk crumbs, sorrel.

I know. Its been some time since I posted. For those of you coming back and always seeing the same post from some time ago, I apologize. I’ve been busy with an exciting new job that has kept me busy. You’ll find out more in a future post (it might be some time.) But I just wanted to leave you with some food porn while waiting. Last Wednesday night I tasted the desserts of the acclaimed restaurant, Noma, by way of pastry chef Rosio Sanchez, who was in Singapore for the World Gourmet Summit at 2am Dessert Bar. This is not my usual post. Forgive me if it’s brief and it breaks my rule that every post should tell a story, but like porn it’s purely gratuitous. I hope you enjoy it.

Hay Parfait & Strawberries. Chamomile broth, lemon balm, oregano, bronze fennel.

Chef Sanchez pouring in the chamomile broth.

Milk & Grains. Milk ice cream, biodynamic grains & birch syrup.

Chef Rosio Sanchez and the team from 2am Dessert Bar converging to plate our desserts.

Huldreost Brown Cheese & Beet. Brown cheese custard, beet granite, licorice.

Pic with chef.