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Weird Food: Baby Hammerhead Sharks

DSCN3921Three Hammerhead pups and another baby shark at Jerudong Market in Brunei.

I didn’t think wakeboarding was going to be so hard. All I needed to do was stand right? It’s not like there were skis to keep together. Well for more than an hour my brother and I just floated in the water while waiting for the boat to circle around and pick us up after another failed attempt. We were in a cove 15 minutes by boat from our launch site at Jerudong Market. As my brother climbed aboard so I could go float in the water again, I asked him if he thought that there were sharks in the murky water. It wouldn’t be a problem if I could stand up, but as soon as the boat got going, I would attempt to get up and just lose control and fall. Then I’d trash around to unfasten my feet from the board. Pretty appetizing for a shark huh? My brother just shrugged his shoulders.

A few days later my mom and I went to Jerudong Market to see what the fishermen were bringing in at the end of their day. I think we were a little late as they had offloaded all the fish and their long narrow boats were all tied up together.

We settled for walking around the market and I was surprised to see these hammerhead pups! The fishing boats are small, it’s only wide enough to sit one, they aren’t covered and are propelled by a single outboard motor. I doubt they have much range. These sharks were caught very close to shore, probably near where we were wakeboarding!

But as I looked at these baby sharks I felt pity that they died like this. I mean I don’t mind if someone caught a mature shark to eat. It would have had a chance to reproduce already and contribute to the shark population. But catching these babies just depletes the population at a much faster rate. I wonder if someone would even buy them. I wouldn’t know what part of the shark besides it’s fin would be edible or at least palatable. The sharks weren’t even iced and I read somewhere that shark meat spoils fast as they develop an ammonia like taste once they die.

I don’t like sharks when I dive, well ok I get really excited when I see them, but I’m not going to lie, if I saw a really big one I would be scared shitless. And I’m not going to be a hypocrite to say that I don’t eat shark’s fin, because I do and I find it delicious. But this just seems sad.