The Writing Process

DSCN4066This blog wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. The stories you’ve read up to now have actually been planned months in advance. I used my time in Brunei to chronicle my journey of leaving New York and to sketched out the progression of this blog. Here is a look at my writing process:

I’m pondering an angle  for a blog entry in my dad’s lab, the best place for me to write… 
However out of the corner of my eye I notice…


DSCN4075Ethyl alcohol right next to my glass of mango juice.


DSCN4072I have an idea…


DSCN4080What if i added the two together?


DSCN3823The alcohol is pretty potent stuff. It’s used to preserve the spiders in my dad’s lab.

WARNING! Do not try this at home kids. Consumption of Ethyl Alcohol leads to blindness and death.


DSCN4079The bottle even comes with a convenient little spout. Just squeeze! Brilliant!


DSCN4082Mmm Yum!


DSCN4086This should help with my writer’s block! Love the spout design. They should bottle beer in this.


DSCN4098(Buzzed) I wonder what’s new on Facebook…


DSCN4101ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz drool… zZZzzzzzz

16 responses to “The Writing Process

  1. Hahaha, you’re funny!

    And yes, I detected a sort of “New York” air about you. I didn’t have to ask where you spent your time overseas.

    Very nice blog. I’ll be reading! :)

  2. Arh!!! 75% Ethanol, I used that in the laboratory all the time… To think that you add it to your drinks… Oh my… Skeptical to have that bottle on my desk…

    Anyway, what is the purity of ethanol u used? I mean I only see it in the labs, not sure are they available in pharmacies? or supermarkets?

    But if you used it for consumption, make sure it is not methylated…

  3. I thought I clicked submit… not sure if the previous comment was lost due to internet error… but anyway, was surprised to see 75% Ethanol on your desk… That is something I see it everyday at work and hmm….

    Just out of curiousity, do u actually use that to prepare cocktails? or to swab your desk and stuff before using?

    Geez… Never fail to amaze me with your posts…

    Anyway, it was really nice to meet you in person… Looking forward to more meet-ups…

  4. Oh my… What is that bottle of 75% ethanol doing on your desk!!! To think that I only see it at work… Do you use that to swab your desk or to make cocktails…

    Without fail, I am always surprised by your entries…

    Anyway, it was nice to meet you in person and my bad for the wrong identity… Hopefully, there will be more opportunities to meet up =)

  5. Did you also plan this blog post? Hilarious!

  6. Catherine: Thank you. It means a lot to me. It was great finally meeting you at the food blogger’s lunch after reading your blog for so long.

    Fen: No worries! The ethyl alcohol is used by my dad to preserve his spider specimens. My hobby is eating… his is spiders.

    Mia: Haha no it was a spur of the moment thing when I actually had writer’s block while writing one of my NY posts at that time.

    Don’t tell YX of our little sunday secret… hehe

  7. By the way I hope no one ever drinks ethyl alcohol. It’s actually very harmful! Maybe I should make that clearer. It was just kidding in the post.

  8. Actually, I am not sure can it be consumed… There are actually two types of ethanol, one is the 99.99% purity while the other is methylated to prevent laboratory people from being intoxicated….

    Since it is without impurities, I am not sure if the body can take a 70% or 75% ethanol… I haven’t tried that but I sure got alittle drunk after sniffing too much of it…

  9. Oh, I thought they are preserved using formaldehyde… I didn’t know 75% ethanol is sufficient to preserve them. To think I used it to spray on my arms before work, thus resulting very dry skin…

    Actually, I was just wondering swab ethanol are toxic for consumption as they are methylated but can we actually drink the diluted ethanol with 99.99% purity?

  10. Fen: Yeah alcohol can be used to preserve them. However over time it sometimes evaporates. (I don’t know why since the tubes are sealed.) But sometimes I get the dirty job of topping it up.

    Sorry I should have been more specific. This ethyl alcohol is denatured making it harmful to consume. I just didn’t want some kid reading this blog and going to a lab to get alcohol to spike his drink, and getting sick or dying in the process.

  11. I guessed I just got too excited when I saw the bottle of 75% ethanol… but this is really an entertaining write-up… :D

    I like the expression of you in all the pictures… did u mount the tripod or u got someone to take for u?

  12. you look cute with glasses :D

  13. Hey Fen: I used a tripod! I don’t think I could make those faces if there was someone there.

    Evan: Haha thanks!

  14. >.< …I hate ethanol. The ultimate destroyer of my precious material in the lab. Haha.

    Duhz! Eat and Drink in a lab is highly not advisable. I saw chocolates! LOL. Funny post!

  15. Jiaxin: What kind of lab do you work in?

    Haha yeah I was wondering if people would notice the chocolates. Thanks!

  16. I used to work on thin films. Creating nanowires on them. :D

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