Night Life: Kota Kinabalu

DSCN2474It’s a real meat (fish) market

DSCN2415Fresh Fish!

DSCN2420They all look good, even if there is no refrigeration or ice.

DSCN2422A Parrot fish. Isn’t it supposed to be poisonous?

DSCN2423Sting ray = Yummy!

DSCN2467That’s a really long fish.

DSCN2468The most popular fish in the market.



DSCN2433This is want I do to get shots of food. Fish blood, guts and gore on my shorts from the “spray” of the fishmongers. I felt it on my legs too…

DSCN2463Produce section

DSCN2481Langsat, has a subtle grapefruit like taste but is really sweet.

DSCN2488Can you spot the chicken butt?

DSCN2489I love the smell of BBQ at night! (Inhales) Smells like BBQ!

DSCN2490Look at all that food and then multiply it by over a hundred stalls and you will get an idea of what kind of food orgy this place is.

DSCN2494Want some Tomato CATchup? A kitten snoozing next to a pail of ketchup.

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