Brunei Bites: Treasures Within

dscn40241Bought various cakes from the night market to see that was inside their leaf enclosures. 

dscn40281Close up

dscn4035It’s like a boat

dscn4038I didn’t like this one. I think it was made with beans. 



dscn4046Aargh! It’s the face-hugger egg from Aliens! But this one was filled with coconut


dscn4054Spicy. glutinous rice and shrimp paste. It sounds gross but it was really good.

Read about where these cakes came from here: Gadong Night Market 

2 responses to “Brunei Bites: Treasures Within

  1. Great pictures! Beautiful how you capture the bugs and fruit.
    Greetings from Holland

  2. Hi Reinie

    Greetings from Singapore!

    Thank you so much! Nature in Brunei is just spectacular. They make the photos great.

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