Birth of a Blog

dscn2033Empire Resort

There isn’t any food porn in this entry. Sorry. But I’d like to show you where this blog was conceived. In my last few months Stateside, I’d been photographing, cataloging my memorable last meals. These were mementos, postcards from my culinary tour of the city that I thought would be my home. 

dscn2019A small part of the lagoon. It’s (Billy Fuccillo) HUGE!

And while back in Asia, in the first week of my trip to Brunei, with my brother and his family here, my parents took us to spend a few days at Empire Resort. For someone who had been living in Brooklyn, Empire seemed really over the top. As the crown jewel of the small sultanate (population approximately 380,000) everything is done on a lavish grand scale. Yet there isn’t really much to do. I took a wakeboarding lesson (it’s hard!) Swam around the huge “pool” well it’s more like a manmade freshwater lagoon (awesome!) But that’s all I really did. You can’t drink in Brunei so there was no partying at night, and that’s when this blog was created. 

dscn2024A really beautiful place to unwind and get lost in your thoughts.

dscn2042The main atrium at the resort.

dscn2035This restaurant is the best place to be on a friday night in Brunei for the weekly BBQ buffet.

While I’d been toying with the idea of a blog, those few uneventful nights spent in my luxurious room proved to be optimal conditions to put my thoughts to pen and paper. I wrote down the recipe for my blog. I started to write the stories I wanted to tell, thought of the different segments (which you’ll start to see once we get into the Singapore stories,) and decided the angle and what I wanted out of my blog.

Soon I had scrawled on numerous pages of my legal pad and the story of my journey was starting to develop. 

dscn2022The sun sets on MOAR lagoon.

dscn3759Colors, I have to say my little Nikon takes pretty good night shots. 

dscn3748Walking around as night falls.

dscn37731I thought the resort was going to be empty (like Jerudong Theme Park) but it wasn’t.

dscn3781I swam to that small island and hid behind it’s waterfall (now switched off.)

2 responses to “Birth of a Blog

  1. Happy New Year to you…

    Wow, didn’t know there is a series of entries that is non-food… Nice photos and it is something different from the other blogs with CNY food…

    Didn’t know Brunei is so lovely, guess I am one of those who has misconceptions of the country…

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you too Fen!

    Thanks, haha I’m so backlogged with old entries that’s why haven’t done anything “current.”

    Yeah Brunei has its charms. But having said that I’m glad I live in Singapore.

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