I boarded the plane at JFK on a Thursday night. I arrived in Singapore at dawn on Saturday. I was back in the army for training on Monday for two weeks and right after that I was on a plane to visit my parents in Brunei. From a Brooklyn apartment to an army bunk with 20 other guys to an absolutely palatial house. The house in Brunei was huge; there were even three, yes three kitchens. Although I didn’t cook at all because the house chef, a proud woman from Miramar didn’t take too kindly to my intrusion into her domain. But I wasn’t complaining. The food was good and it felt great to have everything done for me. I didn’t have to walk down Jefferson Street in the dead of winter to do my laundry, all I had to do was toss it into a hamper and it would reappear the next day clean, ironed and folded. I slept in as late as I wanted to, I didn’t have to wake up just before five to get ready for the day’s training.  I didn’t have to worry about work at the office. 

I enjoyed my time in Brunei, it was restful, a little unreal with all the luxury and pampering but not much else, there is almost absolutely nothing to do in Brunei. I missed my friends and life in New York and would trade all of this to be back. But that was a closed chapter of my life and as I sat in the comfort of my new but temporary room, the best accommodation I’ve had in years, I was excited to be writing a new one.

rscn29342Home from the back

dscn21142The “living room” is bigger than my NY apartment

dscn41033The main kitchen

dscn21693Halal kitchen adjacent to the main kitchen

dscn21522Catering kitchen on the lower floor next to the “official” dining room

dscn21532Catering kitchen

dscn40562You know you are living it up when you have a few of these scattered around

dscn30253Good eating, when you have a chef in the house: Passionfruit cucumber and calamari cups

dscn30262Dressed wonton and tofu with wasabi

dscn35702  Prawn, jellyfish and dragon fruit

dscn37962Radish Cake

dscn38372Starfruit salad

dscn38402Baked crab with cheese

dscn38422Stuffed Fish

dscn30332Passionfruit custard

One response to “Transitions

  1. The btteer half and I bought it this past Christmas season (the local liquor store was selling it in a gift set that came with a nice mug). We did find it a nice, pleasant drink, especially as a night cap. We do agree. The bottle is a bit too unwieldy for the fridge. Best, and keep on blogging.

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