Yummy Honeys: Maggie Q

ph-maggie_q001Image from kezins.com

A couple of years ago I watched a delightfully airy movie about food and love. Magic Kitchen is part Iron Chef and part almost cheesy romantic comedy, and was saved by the food and the exotically gorgeous and sensual Maggie Q (real name: Margaret Denise Quigley.) She plays May, a successful publicist (yay PR professionals!) who is a close friend of the main character, a chef played by Sammi Cheng. Maggie’s character is haughty, elegant and driven by her desires, combined with her beauty, makes her such a hottie in my book. (Imagine a better looking Samantha Jones.)

Watch her introduction in Magic Kitchen as she consumes a crab. (The first two minutes.)


xin_530403100936718108772 Image from www.chinadaily.com.cn

Maggie’s exotic beauty is the result of an mélange of French Canadian, Irish and Polish heritage from her father combined with the Vietnamese blood of her mother. She was born in Honolulu but got her start in Hong Kong were she modeled and acted. 

xin_53040310093654618211 Image from www.chinadaily.com.cn

4 responses to “Yummy Honeys: Maggie Q

  1. absolutly beautiful i loved the role she played in balls of fury keep kicking babe

  2. omg she makes me penis go hard she is the hottest asian chick ive ever seeen UR SO HOT!

  3. She´s not asian, she´s hawaiian…

  4. She was only born in Hawaii – 50 % vietnamese: 50% white.

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