Weird Food: Sea Snails

dscn1196Sea Snails de-shelled

Usually at the end of my Boston trips, the Sricharoenchaikit family takes me for a Dim Sum lunch before I board the Chinatown Bus back to New York. I get to satisfy my cravings for Har Gow and Char Siew Bao. But it’s also one of the only times when I can indulge in blood cake/tofu (sadly no longer available in Singapore) and Sea Snails.

The sea snails, which are like briny escargot, are served with a black bean sauce. I snack on them; prying open its operculum (the solid flap at the opening of its shell) and digging out the gastropod while waiting for the Dim Sum cart to reappear.

I rarely eat them now, my attention drawn away by the abundant fascinating food found in Singapore. But whenever I see them, I’m brought back to those happy times eating Dim Sum in Boston with the Sri family.

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