Weird Food: Ox Penis

Try putting that in your mouth… Not for me!

Back when I was in New York, I’d stop by Chinatown during the weekends on my way home after soccer at Monica’s amazing beginner’s league, and rugby in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I would wander around, looking for the best roast duck to take home for my roommates, searching for snacks that reminded me of my former home or food from Asia that I could introduce my friends to.

In my wanderings through the food filled alleys, I discovered a wide repertoire of ingredients that aren’t available at your local Whole Foods or bodega. One of this was Ox Penis. Yes that’s right. Ox PENIS.

The Bovine Jimmy looks very weird. I mean you could strangle someone with that. That thing in the package is one single, continuous piece. I have no idea how you would even cook it. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to eating, but I draw the line at putting some animals’ genitalia in my mouth.

Monica of Monica’s Amazing Soccer League left a comment on my Facebook picture of the cattle cock. She said:

“You’d think they would come up with some euphemism for this – like Ox Member, or Ox Parts, or Ox Rox…”

My vote is for Ox Rox.

2 responses to “Weird Food: Ox Penis

  1. Goodness me, I can never imagine putting that in my mouth. For a moment I thought they were sausages… Wonder is it used as tonic for males? Thought it is only found in Chinese medicinal halls… Eek!!!

  2. Haha yeah right! I found it right in the meat section of the Asian supermarket. Right between beef short ribs and pork belly.

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