Yummy Honeys: Sandra Lee

Image from http://www.sandralee.info 

Sandra Lee. I’m afraid I’ll lose all my foodie street cred if I do a post on her. A lot of foodies dislike her, intensely. But you know what? She’s hot! I mean if my wife looked like that at Sandra’s age, I’d come home for lunch everyday to get some lunch loving.

“Hey Dave, we have a client in today, can you take him to Le Bernardin and expense it.”

“Sorry, but you know the drill, I’m going home for lunch.” 

Image from Netglimse.com Sandra Lee at the 11th Annual Race to Erase MS Hosted by Nancy Davis and Tommy Hilfiger 

Foodies bemoan the fact that her cooking show and books are causing a regression to the processed and unhealthy food of the ‘80s, and that with a little more effort you could be serving up tastier, healthier not so semi-homemade cooking. Cool whip? Cheese Whiz? Fuck that. I only eat clotted cream and a nice Fourme d’Ambert. But that strikes me as a little snotty. Sure we can be food snobs, but what about the 90% of us that don’t live the fabulous foodie life, that come home from work exhausted?

Image from People Magazine 

I remember visiting a close friend and her ordering pizza because, I suspect she was embarrassed about her mom’s cooking. But her mom works insane hours and I’m surprised she has the energy to even cook at all. The food was, I admit, bland. But she just didn’t know/have the energy to spiffify her steamed salmon. The consequence: A half eaten dinner, and the family gorging on junk food later. At least Sandra gives you ideas to cook quick semi-good food.  She gives people confidence to go into the kitchen. And once people realize that cooking isn’t all that difficult, their cooking will improve. Think of Sandra as Pot, she’s the gateway drug to cooking.

But you know whom I’m really envious of? Bryce. Man I wish I could have a hot, boozy, big-boobed aunt who cooks for me. I think you’d just want to hug her and bury your head in her beautiful and amble bosom-scape.

Check out excerpts of her show and why she’s a Yummy Honey:


Sandra talks about her rough childhood and how she had to take care and feed her four siblings while on welfare:


3 responses to “Yummy Honeys: Sandra Lee

  1. Ya know, I am becoming a foodie, and Sandra did contribute to the cooking drug. My mom actually kinda cooked like that. She worked and cooked what was easy and what we would eat. Once in a while she really cooked. Everything else was an amalgam. I like Sandra, like I know her. And even as a homo, I gotta say, the woman has nice boobs.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say. I really respect how damn hard she has worked, even if she isn’t Prince Bourdain.

  3. Haha hi Mike.

    Great comment there. Yeah a lot of people talk shit about Sandra Lee but whatever gets people into the kitchen, whether it’s homemade or semi-homemade is always a good thing.

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