My Toys: An Introduction

Some of my toys 

I’ve been to quite a few home kitchens filled with so much extraneous junk than cooking becomes less efficient. The clutter of useless and redundant equipment takes up valuable counter and storage space. I’ve spent more time searching for specific tools than cooking. I firmly believe that you should only have what is necessary to cook.

That being said though, I’m a huge gear head, partly because I hope that it would improve my cooking and partly because I’m just into stuff like that. But I’m very selective about what goes into my kitchen. It must have a specialized purpose and it can’t be duplicated by something else. This ensures that I have a very select arsenal of specialized equipment that makes cooking easier, interesting and fun.

In this section I’ll share with you some of the tools that I love using. 

2 responses to “My Toys: An Introduction

  1. Ooh, these are absolutely my favorite kind of toys!

  2. Hey Rochelle, yeah cooking is so much more fun with great toys. When I got my Kyocera I couldn’t stop cutting stuff. And right after I bought my immersion blender, I turned everything into purees. Apple sauce! Strawberry coulis! Beet juice!

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